Your breath is a manifestation of your state of being; you can change  your state of being by following the wisdom of your breath.

Breathwork is a somatic therapy- a practice of using the breath to dissolve sensations linked to dis-ease in body, mind, spirit.  it's a fun & beautiful process, made richer by honoring earth energies and connecting to the elements for healing.

Conscious connected Breathwork is a guided meditation that takes the mind into the very healing "Theta State." In this relaxed space, rejuvenation & empowerment occur on all levels. My hope is to assist you in processing stored memories and traumas AS YOU journey TO FIND YOUR innate ease & awesome.


Breathwork sessions (1 hour): 

In our one-hour guided breathwork meditation, we create the space that allows you to take a healing dive into any "stuff" that has come up- habits, patterns or even unconscious "stuck feelings."   Releasing energetic blockages, you begin to allow states of wellbeing and lightness to flow in.  I facilitate with a sweet playlist, and may also use energy work, drum and rattle to help create shift!

Coaching sessions (1.5 hour):

We take the practice of Breathwork deeper as we take a look at your personal goals and practices.  Together we can use affirmations, shamanic drum journeys and mindfulness practices to find our way to greater ease and joy.


Although each session is unique, your breathwork practice will immediately begin to bring you into alignment with the most awesome version of yourself


Guided breathwork is an active meditation designed to clear and release old patterns stored deep within the body and psyche.

conditions and states of being positively affected by breathwork:

  • Physical trauma

  • Emotional trauma

  • Goal-setting & growth

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Lack of will power

  • Chronic illness

  • Unhealthy habits