Breathwork- an Altered State Journey!

Breathwork vs. Psychedelic States Can the profoundly altered states of consciousness be reached by means other than psychedelics? Can those mind-expanding levels be accessed in other ways? Yes! Nature has provided us with lots of ways to be sure that we access these life-transforming states. Exploring sub-conscious levels within for clearing and growth has been a practice as far back humans remember.

Many Paths, Same Destination There are many ways to shake up your consciousness- different techniques will affect each of us differently and some will call to you while others may not. Breathwork, shamanic journeying with drumming, sound and energy healing, trance dancing and many other techniques exist to guide us sans-intoxicants into healing states of mind and body. Enthiogens (that’s the term for hallucinogenic plant medicines that often have a "spiritual" and/or therapeutic, affect on those who ingest them) such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, Psilocybin mushrooms and others are controversial yet considered to be more “sure fire” ways to reach altered states of consciousness; however with ANY of these methods, there is a possibility of experiencing only a very muted or surface-level version of the experience if the practitioner is resistant, casual or otherwise not quite ready for the full experience. Often it is said across all forms of personal growth exploration that “you only receive what you are ready for.” Ultimately, your body and mind instinctively know how to guide you to a level of depth appropriate for you at that time and will stop you from going deeper than you are willing to go.

Stephanie Rayburn