Breathwork & Coaching

with Steph Rayburn


It's time!

Free yourself from stuck patterns & dis-ease. 

Experience releif from depression, anxiety, & Chronic pain.

Let's work together!



Breathwork & Coaching

Experience the ancient practice of Breathwork! 

You have the power to heal yourself on all levels. 

Allow yourself to be guided by your breath into deep states of awareness where directed clearing, healing and journeying happen.

Experience a deep meditative state, clear and open your subtle energy centers and let go of what's holding you back.



Breathwork sessions can have powerful, immediate, and momentous effects.  As you access your own Inner Healer, the effects of this adjustment can be profound.  Some of my clients have shared their experiences and gratitudes here.

Stephany guided me through a transformational session where I was able to let go of some old and deep baggage. I feel wonderful. Lighter. Freer.
— Ariel